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Research Service International locates missing heirs, devisees, and trust beneficiaries, and we have been providing this service to Minnesota and Wisconsin attorneys for over 30 years. Many estates in Minnesota & Wisconsin require research in Europe to fully locate the legal next of kin. We also work in Central & South America as well as in the Middle East.

Unlike other companies who are not physically located in Minnesota, we will appear in court if needed to present our findings as qualified experts. Other companies do not obtain or review all recorded vital records to support their findings and as a result they may identify people who are not in the correct bloodline. Research Service International has never located a wrong heir, devisee, or trust beneficiary.

If you should have an estate requiring our services, we ask that you call our office before you submit your petition or application so that we can discuss how to best ensure that you retain administration of the estate. We can help secure nominations from the missing or unknown heirs as needed. Our goal is to make you look good on behalf of your clients and before the court.

This requires the ability to research family bloodlines all over the world and thus being able to translate and authenticate foreign vital records suitable for local court presentation. A majority of estates and trusts may require that potential beneficiaries to be located and their bloodline verified and documented so that the court can make a proper judicial finding as to heirship.

Our services help ensure that all legal kindred are presented to the probate court. Ultimately we may find that current known claimants are not in fact intestate heirs, or we may find heirs in a closer degree of kinship than those heirs currently claiming.

Research Service International obtains all acceptable evidence and documentation to prove the entire heirship, and this includes translations of foreign records. If there are paternity issues that may affect heirship, we have succeeded in unraveling the truth by a thorough genealogical investigation, and if appropriate, we can help by obtaining DNA comparisons via our partnered relationships with recognized DNA geneticists. This includes securing samples to prove that two persons are or are not blood related. This may require reassembling of families disrupted by death, war, adoption, or immigration.

We document heirship by providing you with detailed heirship charts, along with vital records and family histories, and we will appear in court to present our findings along with oral expert testimony when needed.